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The three (3) items in question were all obtained many years ago and have been in RARE MILITARIA'S exclusive possession for approximately twenty years. During that time frame, our firm has had occasion to show these pieces to a wide variety of knowledgeable SS collectors, most of whom admitted that they had never heard or read anything about the production of an SS RUNE PATTERN Damascus Steel.
The embroidered armband and FM Membership letter have also been equally well received over the years due to their obvious high quality and rarity respectively, making this one of the most unique SS FM groupings of items available for sale in a long time. The following pages of this website not only display a number of pictures of these pieces, but also include a detailed history of Obergruppenfuhrer Waldeck-Pyrmont.
While impossible to say at this point with absolute certainty, it is probable that the armband and letter opener either originally belonged to Obergruppenfuher Waldeck-Pyrmont, and/or the intended recipient of the membership letter. Given the extreme rarity of each of these three (3) individual pieces, they will not be separated and will only be sold as one lot.
While we have enjoyed numerous opportunities over the years to sell or trade these items away, we have never had any desire to do so. Unfortunately, however a variety of circumstances now require that we seriously consider doing so at this time, together with the possible sale or trade
of several other rare Third Reich era pieces. For reference, this includes an engraved Walther and other items formerly belonging to Gauleiter Adolf Wagner, a presentationLuftwaffe dagger with documents belonging to a Stuka pilot and a rose pattern damascus paratrooper gravity knife.
As with all one of the kind type items, it is very difficult to identify a fair or reasonable price for this SS FM grouping. That being said, an SS Rune pattern Damascus steel blade must be as scarce, or rarer yet, than a Himmler SS presentation dagger. Consequently, we have established an initial retail cash price of $15,000 (US) for this group, but would also be happy to consider any trade/cash offfers you deem appropriate. Please click one of the links below to either view the next page, which contains photos of all three (3) SS FM pieces, and/or visit one of our other websites contaning the Gauleiter Wagner or Stuka Pilot groupings mentioned above,