The set of personality items presented here contains a photo and autograph signed by former world heavy weight boxing champion Max Schmeling in Los Angeles when he was awarded honorary citizenship by that city in 1967. As such, while this is a genuine post war autograph signed by the former champion, neither of the pieces in question are being represented by the seller in any way as being original to the pre 1945 / World War II period.
To prevent potential damage from possible broken glass during shipment, the item has been removed from its original frame. In keeping with this election, the set of the picture and autograph are being collectively sold mounted in a heavy cardboard matting containing the German World War Two national colors of red, white and black. Overall, the matting is fourteen inches (14") in height by eleven inches (11") in width and is covered on its reverse side with a brown paper backing, making it ready for immediate framing.
Permanently attached to the front of the matting at a point centered under Max Schmeling's autograph is a three inch (3") wide by one half inch (1/2") tall brass plate onto which the title "HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION" has been engraved in block letters.
The photograph, which is a reprint of an original picture of Max Schmeling taken on 19 June 1936 just prior to his stunning victory that day over former American Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis. The autograph, which appears to have been signed with a black colored flair pen, is centered on a clean piece of heavy bond style white paper five inches (5") in length by three inches (3") in height.
Still rated as one of the top ten (10) boxers of all time by most boxing experts, this particular photograph and genuine autograph set, despite being of post World War Two origin, still merits a place of distinction in any serious collection of sports, boxing or German
World War II era artifacts respectively.
UPPER LEFT is a full frontal view of a matted Max Schmeling photograph and autograph set which is ready for immediate framing. Clearly visible in this particular shot is the emphasis given by the matting of the German World War II era national colors of Red / White and Black. Overall, the completely set, including the matting which is sealed on its reverse side by plain brown paper backing, is fourteen inches (14") in height by eleven inches (11") in width.
As such, it is ready for immediate framing.
MIDDLE LEFT is a greatly enlarged view of Max Schmeling's autograph which was reportedly given in Los Angeles in 1967 and signed in, what appears to be, black colored flair pen. As above, the Red / White / Black color scheme used in the matting is particularly visible in this enlarged photo of Max Schmeling's autograph.
BELOW LEFT is an enlarged view of the three inch (3") by one half inch (1/2") brass plate which appears centered on the matting below Max Schmeling's autograph that bears the engraved wording "HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION"