Shown below are pages 6 and 7 of the concert program, which detail the various military marches in order of presentation that would be played by the LAH band during Part Three (Teil III) of this performance. Interestingly, item #27, which would be the last piece played on this occasion, was Der Badenweiler Marsch, which, of course, was exclusively associated with Der Fuhrer as his personal march. Given the circumstances, it can only reasonably be concluded that this must have given the concert a rousing and deeply patriotic ending for the attendees.
In summary, this concert program, which is unquestionably original to the period, is a very rare and esoteric piece of SS history which represents the inter cooperation between the various elements of the NSDAP to support the critical effort to maintain public morale during the 1941-45 period. As such, even without the autograph of SS Oberstrumfuhrer Wittmann, this item would be a centerpiece addition to any collection of SS or German WWII artifacts. With his autograph, it becomes an even more rare example of LAH related items, not many of which could still be in physical existence.
FAR RIGHT is an enlarged view of the musical instrument and flag motif that runs vertically along the side of page 7 of the program. BELOW is an enlargement of the header for this section that appears at the top of page 6. BELOW BOTTOM is a photo showing pages 6 & 7 as they appear when the concert program is opened normally.