Shown below are pages 4 and 5 of the concert program, which detail the schedule of events that the performance would follow, as well as specifically identifying the various pieces of classical music that would be played by the LAH band. Consistent with the mixture of compositions listed, the LAH band must have had an extraordinary orchestral capability for a military unit band.
RIGHT is an enlarged view of the basic information that appears at the bottom of page 3 of the program, identifying both the senior conductor and assistant director of the LAH band.
MIDDLE RIGHT is an extreme enlargement of the Wittmann autograph that appears at the top of Page 3 of the program. From this photo, it appears that the signature was definitely made from a natural flowing hand and pen movement, without the start and stop breaks seen in traced signatures. Further, irregular distribution of the ink would seem to confirm that the signature was written with a fountain style pen, and was not printed by machine press or auto pen.
BELOW is an enlarged photo of pages 4 & 5 that shows the actual selection of music that was played by the LAH band at this concert.