This is an eight (8) page concert program, including both the front and back covers, that is three and three fourths (3 3/4") inches wide by five and one half (5 1/2") inches tall. As can be clearly seen by viewing the scan of the front cover of this item shown to the left, it bears the unique eagle, pole top and flag for the "Leibstandarte" SS Adolf Hitler, that is shown in color.
Unfortunately, the inferior quality of this photo scan fails to do adequate justice to the impressive appearance, level of detail, age and high degree of quality which this joint LAH / DAF concert program exhibits when physically viewed and inspected in person.
As is clearly visible in the picture of the front cover shown left, the LAH flag and pole top are centered in a frame of oak leaves with the symbol of the German Labor Front (DAF) placed on each of its four (4) corners.
This obviously denotes that this item was produced through the active cooperation of both organizations for the express purpose of being distributed to attendees at a number of concerts which were given by the LAH band in factories, and other appropriate venues, that were organized by the DAF during the 1940-45 period to support and maintain worker morale.
LEFT is a full frontal view of the full color, front cover of this joint DAF / LAH printed concert program.
MIDDLE LEFT and MIDDLE RIGHT are both enlarged views of sections of the oak leaf border that frames the LAH flag and pole top on the program's front cover. Clearly visible in each shot is both the high degree of detail in the oak leaves, as well as the use of the symbol of the German Labor Front (DAF) as a connecting piece for the frame's corner.
BELOW LEFT is an enlarged view of the LAH Eagle and pole top box bearing the name "Adolf Hitler".
BELOW is an enlarged view of the Fuhrer's Standard found on the program's front cover. The LAH was the only armed forces unit permitted to use the Fuhrer's personal flag.