Presented in this website are photos of some of the original World War II era Kriegsmarine qualification
badges currently in the possession of RARE MILITARIA. Unless otherwise stated, all of the items pictured
in this site are guaranteed to be completely orignal to the pre May 1945 period. Moreover, they are intended to be regarded as being immediately available for sale or trade, subject to the sellers right to remove any
one, or all, of them from sales consideration without notice.
LEFT is a photo showing a full front view of this original, World War II era Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet badge. While exhibiting the expected amount
of oxidation and surface wear for its age, this particular High Seas Fleet
Badge is simply the most pristine example of one I have ever owned. As
demonstrated by the photo seen left, the gilt wash finish on the wreath of
this item remains at 95% or better, while appearing to be almost flawless
with a deep age patina. Similarly, the wear on the high points of the capital
ship seen are minimal. In every respect, the quality and originality of this
badge merit it a place of distinction in any Kriegsmarine artifacts collection.
Item #1 - High Seas Fleet Badge
BELOW LEFT is a photo showing an unrestricted view of the reverse side of
this item with its attaching pin held in a fully open position. As seen, the reverse side surface displays graying and oxidation at levels that are fully consistent with its age. Also seen is the overage of Gilt wash that seeped onto the item's back in several spots when its front side was being finished.
BELOW BOTTOM is a photo showing a greatly enlarged view of the raised
lettering on the back of this piece that translates as: "Designer Adolf Bock, Manufacturer Schwerin/BERLIN". Also visible is the high degree of oxidation
and age that the items reverse side surface actually exhibits.
NOTE the classic "coke bottle shape" design and obvious age
demonstrated by the attaching pin installed on this badge.
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